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Team-building, Austin Ropes Course, Leadership Training

A Special Place for Special Experiences

We are absolutely honored to create meaningful custom experiences.

Fortune 100 companies. Start-ups. All businesses in-between. First-responders. Sports Teams of all Types. Non-Profits. Church and School Groups. Law Enforcement. Therapists with Clients. Wounded Warriors. All Manner of Retreats. Single Family Stays. Military Unit Outings. Reunions. Even small Weddings. 

We do it all and we love it, for hundreds of amazing clients.


Inspirational Team Building

Our passion is helping build and empower self-aware, tightly-bonded, innovative, heavy-lifting, high-performing teams.

Almost always, the best learning occurs outside the comfort zone. We specialize in facilitated experiences that convert into powerful learnings that can change your team forever.  

We specifically tailor our experiential learning to your needs and goals in partnership with you. Our programs stretch and challenge folks in a purposeful way and thus create deep memories and learnings your crew will talk about for months to come. Your investment in them matters.

Through carefully-facilitated outdoor leadership experiences that are challenging and fun, we create conditions for growth, introspection, and building of connective-tissue and trust between and among teammates. 

In the end, we are most proud that our custom experiences create lessons that translate directly and tangibly back to the workplace. Your team will be tighter, more agile, trusting, confident, and productive.

While we are grateful to get to do this meaningful work we really don't like talking about ourselves . . . so please take a gander at what our exceptional clients say directly about how we impacted their people.


Corporate & Organization Retreats & Summits

Whether it's for one day, or ten, we offer top-shelf, attentive, turn-key, custom services in an inspirational and relaxing environment away from the ever-present intensity and insanity of the office.

Wake up and meet your teammates to have a cup 'o Joe and catered breakfast overlooking the lake. Then comfortably conduct your internal business in the state-of-the-art Rustic Conference Center. And, if you choose, mix-in and endeavor upon team-building experiences that will fortify relationships and elevate your crew. Then finish the amazing day back on the waterfront, sitting around the crackling fire, with a beverage in hand, as you really get to know your people in ways you can only do in an environment like this. Powerful.

Learn more about the Ranch here and client retreats here.


Leadership Excellence - Just 'Gotta Do It

One of the reasons we are so popular, and why clients keep returning, is because our nuanced experiences require leadership in-the-moment. That is, participants must actually lead through complex mental challenges that require leveraging the varied skills of the entire team in order to succeed. We purposely create conditions where everyone must lead at some point and where success requires agile thinking. And, you might be very surprised when the quietest or newest person on the team is the true and genuine leader or when he or she supplies a truly innovative solution to the problem set when others are stymied by old or stodgy thinking.


The Experientials

After getting to know you, and your needs and goals, we will recommend one (or a combination) of our unique experientials. 

Each nuanced event is fun but also drives-home important lessons that tend to really impact people and help spur change, new and refreshed thinking, inspire, and deepen trust. There is a purposeful physical element to our outdoor experiences, but this is not "boot camp." And we carefully craft each program such that every teammate -- no matter age, body type, or any physical limitation -- will still meaningfully contribute to mission accomplishment. You will need to leverage the whole team.


Engaging & Challenging, but Smiles Too You Say?

Absolutely! No matter age or experience level, our programs tend to pull out that inner smile during carefully-facilitated but challenging leadership stretch moments. There is nothing like it. Your team will learn, grow, be pushed, and improve on-the-spot, in an outdoor fresh-air experience that they won't forget. Check out the pictures as they speak for themselves. Click here and here.


A Multitude of Unique Learning Experiences

These meaningful educational experiences are not only exciting, but are also carefully facilitated to draw-out lessons that actually matter. The planning, problem-solving, communication, mutual understanding, and teamwork skills required for success at the Ranch apply directly in the real world.

-  Leadership Reaction Course

-  High Ropes Course (and optional Power Pole)

-  Low Ropes Course

-  Team Orienteering Challenge

-  4x4 Challenge

-  Texas RANGER Challenge

-  Primitive Weapons Course

We also offer other more team-bonding type opportunities:  

-  Team Paintball (with hostage negotiation element)

-  Skeet Shooting

-  Climbing Wall

-  Rappelling

Drop us a line and we can talk about your goals for your team and we can thereafter customize an exceptional experience for you.


We Can Even Come to You & Let's Build It!

We are mobile and may be able to come to you with the Leadership Reaction Course, Low Ropes Course, 4x4 Challenge, or Team Orienteering Challenge.

And, if there is something you need that we don't already do, we can likely create it with our expert facilitators. We've done it before. Let's chat!


Thayer Leader Development Group

TLDG conducts premier leader development programs at the Ranch. Thayer is one of the top 40 leader development institutes in the world and specializes in transformative programs and experiences that give tangible tools to leaders on how to lead with character, inspire, and effectively navigate complexity.  Learn more.

Thayer also offers the Alamo Staff Ride in San Antonio, a fascinating experience highlighting, through a history lens, important leadership lessons that apply in today's complex business environment.

"Knowing the care, planning and skill that goes into a custom TLDG program like the one we experienced [at the Ranch], I am extraordinarily grateful for each of you! I truly cannot imagine a better experience or outcome for these amazing leaders. You created memories, relationships, and awareness that will impact literally thousands of people through these leaders, and forever change how they see themselves and their roles.”  

    -- Dana Hughes, Cox Automotive

Let's Build Something Special Together.